Inspiration: skirt over pants

Yesterday i talk about the trend skirt over pant, Today i am going to show you how to create multiple looks for difference occasions.

Look 1
The First look is a casual comfy look, you can wear this look for school, doing grocery shopping or on a relaxed sunday doing nothing. For this look you don’t need accessory but if you really want to add accessory i personally prefer simple jewelry for this outfit like necklace or some simple rings but you also can choose for a warm knitted hat to give the look a cool touch.

Top, skirt, jeans, shoes, bag

Look 2
I always say with black and white you never go wrong. For this look i wanted to create a comfy but also very trendy office look. The pants and shoes are very comfortable so you can wear them the whole day. The eye catcher in is the striped wrap skirt it gives the look the trendy touch you are looking for and to complete the look i choose for a pop of color bag to make the outfit look even more trendy. Personally i am not a big fan of jewelry but if you love jewelry you can wear a nice watch or a simple bracelet.

Blouse, skirt, pants, bag, shoes

look 3
This look is perfect for a night out, its sexy and classy. I love the combo of leather and animal prints but i don’t like to wear al lot of animal prints because i personally think you will lose the classy touch you want to create with the animal print items you wear, so keep it always simple if you want to add animal prints like i did with this outfit, For example if you want to wear an animal print pants keep the rest of the outfit simple and don’t add other prints to your outfit. For this look you can add the jewelry you want like rings, earrings or bracelets. personally i don’t prefer a necklace or will i say a statement necklace because i think it will be to much for this look.

Top, skirt, pants, bag, shoes


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