Personal: DC Little Things


It’s been awhile since i posted a new blog post but i have a good reason for that. In the previous months i was working on a new project and i hope it Will be successful and that i can do this work for a long time. I decided to open a kids store in the town where i live and soon is the webshop also online. its a small store where you can buy cute trendy stuff for low prices also you can buy used stuff and handmade items about the handmade items i Will tell you more on another post because thats one of the things i love most about this project! Why a kids store? Because i wanted to combi the things i love one Is fashion and everything about it and two is working with/for kids, i always loved to decorate my kids rooms and search for inspiration everywhere to create beautiful things without paying too much money and i wanted to help others to see that everything can be beautiful if you know how to style it. The store is not finished yet but we are already open we hope to have all the things we have to do done by next month. Let me know what you think about this idea and if you have tips for us.



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