Bralette trend

When the weather get warmer we start to wear less clothes more accessories and the bralette is one of the most popular accessorie for the last years and every year you see more people wear them and be comfortable and sexy. The bralette is to combine with a simple top, shirt or a blouse with a deep V neckline or you can choose for transparent top. You can finish the look with a simple pendant or a choker to look extra trendy for the day!

Do you not own a bralette yet? don’t worry!

I am going to tell you all about this gorgeous handmade bralette from Au corset chic is Amsterdam based lingerie store but the designer is originally from Paris. When i was contacted for a collaboration with Au corset chic i was very excited because i love the designs they have and the fact that the bralette are handmade that was a big plus! And also they ship worldwide.

I am going to show you my favorite bralette from their online shop. let me know what you think about the bralette trend and how do you combine it for your everyday look.

Préciseuse Blanche

Bralette lavande

Préciseuse Noire


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