All about the denim


It’s all about the denim! This spring there are allot of gorgeous denim trends like: The cropped jeans, the kick-flare jean, distressed denim, embellished jeans and much more. In this post i want to tell you why i love my jeans and why i am in love with all of the denim trends.

As first i want to tell you why i love to wear denim. A good jeans make you feel comfortable specially a dark one create a slimming effect, so when you are looking for a pair of jeans to look slimmer avoid lighter colors because they draw attention to the body part you want to hide. Also i love denim because you can pair it with almost everything!

About my favorite denim trends, my all time favorite trend is de crobbed jeans everybody call me the girl with the cropped jeans when i was in high school haha, second favorite trend i will say the Raw-Edge Jeans i really love how it give you that cool look without doing anything extra and my favorite trend for this season is the fringed jeans its a must have for every fashion girl!


The look/ similar:

Product Image, click to zoomHigh Heel Lacing Sandal

Top                       Heels


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