Review: Vita Liberata self tan mousse from Captain Tan

For the last two weeks I tried the Vita Liberata self tan mousse from that is the first Netherlands self tanning webshop. As first I want to talk about my experience with, I really like the care that they give you and how friendly they are. The owner explained everything to me about the product and helped me to choose what product suits my skin tone best. That’s The service you get when you order at their webshop also if you order today you will get your package the next day.

Now I can talk about my experience with the Vita liberata self tan mousse in shade dark, first off all for the best results you need to apply it probably.

  • so how to apply the product?                                                                                                  Make sure to have totally dry skin before applying the product and let it develop for 24 hours, then shower but don’t use any kinda body wash and then apply it again.
  • How long did it actually last?                                                                                                     For all most two weeks.
  • How long will it take to dry?                                                                                                      Very quick! That’s the first self tan product that I ever used after applying it i can immediately wear my clothes. For me that’s the most important thing I am looking for in a self tan product.
  • Does it smell?                                                                                                                                    It doesn’t smells like the other tan product I used before it definitely smell way less.
  • How about the color?                                                                                                                    You look natural brown you don’t get that orange ting.
  • What do you like more about the Vita Liberata self tan?                                                   Super easy to apply!

I hope this review helped you to know more about the Vita Liberata self tan mousse.




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