Fashion trends now and then 

This is my entry for the Zalando Style Icons // Creative Content Icon Zalando award 2016

History tends to repeat itself, we see this every year on the runway. Today i decided to share with you 3 off favorite trends for this season i am going to tell you all about these trends and how to style them for your everyday look.

1.Metallic trend


During the 1980s was this trend very popular,if you go back and look to celebrties, models or even family pictures I am sure you will see the gold jackets, shiny skirts, and poofy dresses in it. Now in 2016 we see designers as Gucci, Loewe and Saint Laurent bringing the trend back on the runway but Now, the fabric has calmed down quite a bit.

How to wear it?

Personally i like to wear metallic fabrics as simple as it can be, for example if i am wearing a gold top i like to style it with a pair of jeans and white heels for a casual look another example if i am going out i can choose for a metallic heels or bag to make a trendy statement, but also you can combine a simple black dress with a metallic color jacket and that will give you the WOW factor!




1 jacket, 2 top, 3 trousers, 4 bodysuit, 5 skirt


2.Prince of Wales Check (Glen plaid)


The Prince of Wales Check has its roots aid in mannish outfits, Historically this fabric was worn in Scotland in the 19th Century. Later this look was adopted by The Prince of Wales, Edward V11. However it really became more famous again when it was worn by his son Edward V111, known as the Duke of Windsor, and whose style and fashion sense was legendary. Other notable wearers of Prince of Wales check several US Presidents including Ronald Reagan. In 2016 we see this elegant, classic and noble check type on the runway for us women by many great designers as Gucci, Balenciaga and Marni. This classic menswear plaid has become a female favorite!

How to wear it?

I love to combine the glen plaid with natural  colors as white, black, nude, dark green or mustard but you really can wear it with every color you like. If i am wearing a glen plain blazer for a work day at the office i will combine it with a black wide legged jumpsuit and some brighter colord heels like red or maybe wine red. For a dinner with family i will choose for a glen plaid pants and will combine it with a red turtleneck top and black sandals.



3.Velvet trend


Another fabric of nobility and royalty the velvet, this classy 90s trend is coming back this year and i can’t be more excited about it! Did you know that the velvet fabric was one of princess Diana favorite?! Velvet was known for the last years as a fabric of dark or gothic favorite, but you will change your mind when you see the models on the runway! designers as Prada, Valentina and Dolce & Gabbana showed us how to wear the trend.

How to wear it? img_8157

Velvet is a soft and cozy fabric its perfect for any fall/winter outfit. My advice how to wear velvet is you can wear it in every way you want! You can combine it with all lot off fabrics and designs you can wear it casually, also it’s perfect for work or for a night out. But if you are not a big fan of velvet but you want to wear the trend you can choose for some velvet shoes, cap or other accessories like a choker.



1 jumpsuit, 2 shoes, 3 heels, 4 dress


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