Beach trends. Part 1

Yeah! It’s finally summer here in the Netherlands and I am very excited about it! Because now finally I can wear my summer outfits and most importantly I can take my kids to the beach or swimming pool and enjoy the sun.

So I decided to write 3 articles about al the beach trends for this summer and where to shop. If your are excited about this don’t forget to check out my blog every weekend for the next 3 weeks!

1. One piece bathing suits 

This summer, woman are looking for daring beach ready styles that make a big statement. Like high-leg silhouettes, skin-revealing fabrics like mesh and crochet. The standout color is nude! I selected some of my favorite bathing suits for you guys hope you like them too!

1. High neck bathing suit, 2. High legged bathing suit, 3. black mesh bathing suit, 4. Floral bathing suit, 5. Metallic bathing suit 

2. The straw hat

The straw hat is an timeless beauty, for this summer again is the straw hat is a must have piece! The straw hat is fashionable in all colors and styles but for me the golden one will always be my favorite!

1. Luffy hat, 2. Guess hat, 3. Palm leave hat, 4. Rag&Bone hat, 5. cowboy hat

3. Sunglasses 

When the sun shines that means for me sunglasses and I think al lot of people think this to, here some of my favorite trends for this season. The first trend that I absolutely adore is the oversized sunglasses! They are my favorite accessorie because how simple and basic your outfit is you can look super glamorous with an oversized sunglasses. And off course the cat eye trend is here to stay! And two more favorite trends are the round sunglasses and the white frame sunglasses.

1. Ralph Lauren, 2. Gucci, 3. Versace, 4. Ray ban, 5. Crap


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