Kids fashion: Bright colors

As I told you before my daughter is not a girly girl, she don’t like too dress up in girly clothes she doesn’t like to wear dresses or skirts and pink is absolutely not her favorite color! But lately I noticed that she want to shop for clothes with me and also she don’t have a problem to wear girly clothes. I don’t know  how this can happen because I never thought that day will come! So I talk to her about it because I don’t want her to change for me I think it’s very important to let your children make their own decisions about what they want to wear they need to feel good and comfortable in what they are wearing, my daughter told me that she like to play more with girls now and she want to look pretty. Personally I don’t know what to think about that but for now I will let her do what she wants.

In this look Brindji is wearing a pink denim jacket from Cars Jeans and a lilac jumpsuit from Carbone. Personally I love jumpsuits an rompers for kids but my daughter is still to young to wear them for school because they are not very easy to take off or to wear when she is going to the toilet or for gym class that’s why she only wear them when she is with me so I can help her. Do you let your kids wear a jumpsuit for school? If yes how old are they?


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