Learn how to style with me: patterns and prints part 1


A pattern of diamond-shaped rectangles in a diagonal alternating checkerboard arrangement. Typically uses a small number (two or three) colors. Mostly used in knitted fabrics. 

Awning Stripes

A pattern of relatively wide, even, usually vertical stripes of solid color on a lighter ground. Resembles the pattern on awning fabrics.

Barcode (Bar Code) Stripes

A stripe pattern consisting of lines of varying width as in a barcode.

Camouflage Pattern

A pattern that conceals the object by blending it into its environment or providing a false impression of the object characteristics (disruptive pattern). Digital camouflage patterns are often pixelated, without discernible shapes or features.

Dog’s Tooth Pattern

A pattern of small broken or jagged checks created by four-pointed stars. Same as hound’s tooth.

Dotted Swiss

A pattern of small, evenly spaced raised dots (usually on a thin, lightweight fabric).

Floral pattern 

A design using flowers and other nature elements such as seed pods, leaves, and marine plants.

Fret Pattern

A plane geometric pattern or an interlocking motif in a band or border that consists of lines that meet at right angles. Also known as Greek key pattern. Often used as an ornamental border design.

Gingham Check

Fabrics woven in a block or check effect. An allover pattern of solid-color squares made by overlapping stripes of the same width.

Madras Design

A design with brightly colored stripes, plaid, uneven checks, or other design elements, usually on a plain-colored background. Characteristic for a fine, plain-woven shirting or dress cotton fabric originated in India. Bleeding madras used dyes that resulted in bleeding and often fading of colors each time the fabric was laundered.


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